My search for the perfect vegan/cruelty-free eyeliner and mascara continues, I guess.

I got these today and while they aren’t the worst mascara and eyeliner I’ve ever tried, they don’t really work for me.

The eyeliner is really water and takes forever to dry. It also isn’t opaque on the first pass, but when I try and apply more the applicator removes the previously applied product. I don’t know, it’s kind of annoying to work with and looks patchy in certain areas.

The mascara is okay, but the brush is really flimsy. I like really thick mascara and this kind of just separated my eyelashes…and that’s about it.

Haha, this kind of turned into a review? I’m just annoyed that I’m probably going to end up using 100% Pure or something, which I was trying to avoid because of how expensive it’ll become in the long run. Oh well.

Shout out the the pink hair dye stain that’s still on my bathroom counter.

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